LEGO City Magazine Issue 8

Ugh I’m late with this one. I totally forgot about the release of Issue 8 of LEGO City Magazine until I seen it on the shelf in Tesco! Bobdamn those random release dates!

Anyway, here’s what you can look forward to in Issue 8 (if you haven’t already bought it!)

LEGO City Magazine Issue 8

The Epic Toy that comes with this issue is Officer Oli – a LEGO City Mountain Police Officer. You also get a motorbike and some bricks to create a rock scene with gold ingot.

LEGO Mountain Police Officer and Motorbike


As usual with these magazines the story is interspersed with puzzles, which the reader must complete to help Officer Oli with his mission.

Puzzle in LEGO CITY magazine

Issue 9 is out on November 8th, and comes with a Garbage Man.

LEGO City Magazine Issue 9 Free Gift

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