LEGO City Magazine – Issue 10

You know the saying ‘you wait for a bus and then two come along’?  Well over the past few issues it’s been a bit like this when it comes to LEGO City Magazines.  They’ve gone from four per year to one every six weeks of so.  

And so here we are at Issue 10, which is a ‘Special Edition’ and comes with two gifts.

Lego City Magazine Issue 10 with artic explorer

The hero of this issue is Explorer Eric, and you get him along with his snowmobile, as the epic toy.  The second gift that came with the magazine was Construction Worker Rob (and his tools) which was the gift in Issue 2.

Lego City arctic explorer with snowmobile

Front and back of Lego city arctic explorer

Each time I buy LEGO City Magazine there’s always the fear that it will be the last, so I always go straight to the last page to see if there will be another.

Happily there will be an Issue 11, and it will go on sale January 9th.  The epic toy will be Policeman & Mini-Jet, which ties in nicely with the new LEGO City Sky Police sets which will be available from Shop@Home from December 26th.

Lego City sky police Minifigure with micro jet

3 thoughts on “LEGO City Magazine – Issue 10

  1. Hi Lisa, so pleased to have found your excellent website! I got this issue of Lego City magazine for my son when it came out. He’s only recently gotten into building lego by himself following instructions, but sadly we’ve lost the instructions for the snowmobile. Do you know how I can get a copy? I’ve been googling away but can’t find them anywhere, sadly! Hope you can help!


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