Christmas LEGO Haul

Inspired by True North Bricks’ post, I thought I’d share the LEGO presents that I received this Christmas.

I would be highly offended if I didn’t get some form of LEGO for Christmas, I’ve made sure that my husband knows this and he happily obliges!

Lego sets piled under Christmas tree
All of the LEGO gifts in my house on Christmas morning! Not all mine unfortunately!

This year 60200 Town Centre was top of my Christmas List, and in November Argos were selling it for €85.99 (which is €44 off of RRP). Well I couldn’t pass a bargain like that up, so with money saving in mind, I reserved a set and sent husband in to purchase it for my Christmas present.

So I knew that that was coming, and was looking forward to welcoming the buildings and vehicles into my layout. But on Christmas morning I was in for a surprise, because my husband brought out another big box – 60198 Cargo Train. My first ever LEGO train set!! He even bought an extra set of tracks!

In the picture above I’ve also included the KFOL’s LEGO Haul, which featured Star Wars, Ninjago, Creator and City sets! I was super jealous that he received 60223 Harvester Transporter, and he was so excited to hear that he had it, even before it was officially released.

Brickset Secret Santa

This year again I also participated in Brickset Secret Santa.  I genuinely LOVE this event.  I love post stalking my giftee and sourcing LEGO goodies that they will hopefully love. Maybe it’s because I just love buying LEGO – even if it’s not for me!!

My gift came from Cyprus and my Secret Santa was super generous with the gifts that they sent to me. Three polybags (none of which I had), and the 60171 Mountain Fugitives set which has some great parts, like the beehive and the 2×2 printed round tile.

Lego Creator polybag and Lego Friends polybag

I am so incredibly grateful for the gifts that I received this Christmas. I had a wonderful Christmas and hope that you all did too!

2 thoughts on “Christmas LEGO Haul

  1. Nice haul! I’m glad I could inspired you to share it! Also can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Town Center. I am eyeing that set myself… I had no idea Brickset had a secret Santa either… Something to keep in mind for 2019. Happy New Year!


    1. Happy New Year to you too! Town Centre is all built 🙂 I’ll have to get a full review together – but long story short, I like it! The buildings are very poor (with the exception of the food stand), but the vehicles are great. If you can get it at a reduced price I’d definitely recommend 🙂 And Brickset Secret Santa is FAB! You should check it out next Christmas!!

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