Irish LEGO User Group is 1 Year Old

The Irish LEGO User Group celebrated its first birthday in December!

Time flies when you’re having fun!

I can’t believe that the group had only been in existence for 12 months – so much has happened in that short space of time.

We’ve had meet-ups in Dublin, Belfast and Limerick, and members of the group have held a number of exhibitions – including in Dun Laoghaire Library and for Culture Night 2018.

The group has even featured in Blocks Magazine!

Article about Irish Lego User Group in Blocks Magazine

Adult Fans of LEGO can be few and far between, so an online community is the perfect way to be able to stay in touch.  The forums on, are a great place to learn about the latest LEGO deals, ask for technique advice and share our latest builds.  We even have a MOC of the Month competition – which I was lucky enough to be the winner of in September!

Irish LEGO User Group MOC of the Month

The Irish LEGO User Group is free to join, for all adult fans of LEGO – if you’re in Ireland, and love LEGO we’d love to have you join us!

You can find the website and forums here, and we’re also on Instagram, Twitter and Flickr!

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