LEGO City Magazine Issue 14

Readers of my blog may remember that in my review of Issue 13 I said that I was feeling pretty meh about the upcoming Issue 14 of LEGO City Magazine.

Lego City  Magazine Issue 14

Well Issue 14 is here, so in the interest of fairness (and to avoid my bias), I asked my 7 year KFOL (who more fits the target market than me anyway) what he thinks of it.

“It’s a bit weird.”


“Because he’s in space. And he doesn’t even have one of those things (oxygen mask) over his face. Look, he doesn’t even have a cover on his helmet. And look that aeroplane is in space. Aeroplanes can’t go into space.”

So, yeah pretty much sums up what I think about the whole Sky Police theme. LEGO City is supposed to be a bit more realistic…they even say so on the theme description:
LEGO City is a realistic LEGO world for your child to explore and stimulate their creativity. Iconic vehicles and buildings form the bustling backdrop.

But I digress…

The bag with Issue 14 is as poor as I had anticipated. 13 pieces. Nothing noteworthy….which is probably the reason that there is an extra gift with Issue 14. The other bag that came with my copy was the Octan go-kart from Issue 7 – not bad.

Lego Sky Police Minifigure
Lego City Sky Police Minifigure

One think I do have to point out about Issue 14, is that the puzzles are really good, and my KFOL really enjoyed them.

On to what we can look forward to in Issue 15 of LEGO City Magazine, which is due to be on shelves May 29th.

In a first of LEGO City Magazine, Issue 15’s epic hero will be a woman! She’s a firefighter and comes with helicopter and a fire extinguisher. This will be the first time that we have had a female hero in LEGO City Magazine, which fifteen issues in is a bit of a long time coming.

Lego City Magazine Issue   15 free gift

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