Savings and Loan

Every LEGO town needs somewhere to store its cash, and the winner of The Irish LEGO User’s Group August’s MOC of the Month is just the place.

Exterior picture of LEGO MOC Savings and Load by Patrick

Savings and Loan by Irish LEGO User Group member Patrick, is a modular building inspired by the 1950’s styling of Downtown Diner.

LEGO Savings and Loan MOC with Downtown Diner Modular

Not only does this build look good on the outside, but inside it’s absolutely jam packed with details….and even has a storyline involving Harley Quinn, The Joker and experiments on bunnies.

LEGO MOC Savings and Loan by Patrick
LEGO Savings and Loan MOC by Patrick

I don’t want to, but I really like the experiment room! There’s just so many great details that wouldn’t look out of place in a B Movie!

LEGO MOC Savings and Loan Interior Details

One of my favourite features of the build is this sliding roof light.

You can see more pictures of Savings and Loan here.

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