LEGO City Magazine Issue 19

Hot Pizzas, Cool Guys!

Yeah! Another non-police themed LEGO City Magazine!

Lego City Magazine Issue 19

Apologies but I do get happy when I get a new minifigure for my LEGO City that’s not a police officer!

The hero of Issue 19 is Ben Ryder – a pizza delivery guy who’s also a member of a biker gang.

Lego City Magazine Issue 19 Pizza Guy

Thanks to the motorbike I can see this issue being popular with kids.

Shame they didn’t include the mohican hair piece
Red lego motorbike with Minifigure

The story of some of the most random motorbike gangs. The artwork as usual is top notch, and I really love the styling of the Ben’s motorbike gang.

The moral of this issue shows how being true to yourself means that you’ll always succeed in the end – and that’s a really good thing.

LEGO City Magazine Issue 20 is out October 23rd…..and features a Police Officer….sigh.

Lego City Magazine Issue 20

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