LEGO Annuals 2020

Stupid me discovered this post in my Drafts!!!! A bit late, but seeing as it’s still January I think it’s okay to post!

As a kid I used to love getting Annuals at Christmastime, and now as an adult, I love to give them as gifts.

KFOL me would have absolutely loved to get a LEGO Annual, so AFOL me treated myself to two for Christmas – the LEGO City Annual and the LEGO Harry Potter Yearbook.

Lego Annuals 2020

The LEGO City Annual is a bit of a weird mash-up of LEGO City, LEGO Collectable Minifigures and The LEGO Movie 2.

The annual comes with an Emmett minifigure and 2 coffee cup pieces.

Inside is packed with lots of activities but not much in the way of a comic or story.

The Harry Potter Yearbook comes with a Ron Weasley minifigure and a rat figure, and just like The LEGO City Annual is packed with activities.

These cost me €5 each in Ken Blacks (Smyths Toys), but I did see them in other retailers for €9.99. Would I recommend them – yes at €5, but not at a higher price than that.

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