Lego Seasonal Vignettes – a welcome return!

Following on from 2016’s more character based seasonal releases like ##40202 Easter Chick and #40203 Vampire & Bat, it’s great to see that Lego have brought back seasonal vignettes for 2017.  #40236 Romantic Valentine Picnic is available now on Shop@Home.  €9.99 gets you 126 pieces, including some interesting ones like the chocolate bar, pineapple and green bottle, […]

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Lego MOC -Pizzeria

Lego Pizzaria Open

I’m totally obsessed with having fully enclosed buildings in my layout so I was chuffed when the Pizzeria from #7641 – City Corner ended up in a tub of second hand Lego I bought – giving me the perfect opportunity to fully enclose the Pizzeria from my set without having to spend too much on […]

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Lego Ideas – November Pick

Okay so there’s 3 days left in the month, but for reasons I’m getting this in early!  And it’s probably with good reason because not 1 but 2 projects have already caught my eye on Lego Ideas this month. First up is this beauty – Big Steam Tractor by Mr_Kleinstein Gorgeous isn’t it?  Technic is generally […]

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MOC/MOD – Paradise Cafe

Lego Paradise Cafe

I recently bought a job lot of second hand Lego from which contained just the cafe part from #4664 Marina  So I expanded the cafe part to become a takeaway coffee shop with chill out deck on the roof.  Inside there’s a coffee machine, blender and display counter with cakes and pastries. There’s nothing mind-blowing about it […]

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2017 Lego Creator Sets – the Buildings 

Pics via Hoth Bricks I always look forward to the Creator Buildings (like last years Corner Deli, or Bike Shop & Cafe from 2014). They’re proper ‘grown up’ buildings to add to my town layout, and the price generally isn’t too scary. But Hoth Bricks has just posted some pictures of what we can expect Creator-wise […]

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2017 Lego Friends Sets – the ‘smaller’ sets

Friends is one of my favourite Lego themes – and as someone who loves creating a little Lego town, Friends has excellent buildings – Hair Salon, Cupcake Cafe, Supermarket….), and features like 41115 – Emma’s Creative Workshop, to add to a layout.  Brothers Brick has featured lots of what we have to look forward to Lego wise […]

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