20% off Lego City at Smyths Toys! (Ireland)

Not sure if this is applicable to Smyths UK stores too, but I was delighted to discover that here in Ireland at least, Smyths has all Lego City sets at 20% off. Highlights for me included this years Advent Calender (was €22.99, now €17.99, and which I’ve treated myself too!), and for anyone who’s had […]

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Lego Ideas – September Pick

What a wonderful build this is!  Packed with detail (including secret compartments and a moving bookcase hiding a secret bedroom), it’s not surprising that Salem Cottage has gathered 106 supporters in just  5 days. This isn’t just a great looking building, it’s built for playability – with hinged access to allow even an AFOL’s bigger […]

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Shut up & take my money!!

Someone on Eurobricks has shared the US Lego calendar of promotions for November and look at what’s the gift with purchase…. How cute is this Lego Snow Globe!?  Free with purchases over $99, fingers crossed it will be available in Europe in November too!

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Lego Friends – Olivia’s Science Set

This months free gift with Lego Friends Magazine is Olivia’s Scuence Set – a pretty neat lab set up of desk with microscope, Petri dish and a bottle, chair and a container with some plants growing in it. In my opinion this is one of the better gifts with Friends Magazine, and it gave me […]

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Knowing when it’s time to stop

Image of Lego MOC Pump House Wexford Wildfowl Reserve

The North Slob – one of my favourite places (and what a great name!).  Now a bird sanctuary (in fact it’s official name is Wexford Wildfowl Reserve), it’s an area of land which has been reclaimed from the sea. This is the Pump House, built back in the mid 19th century to aid the drainage […]

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Lego Ideas – August Pick

Lego Ideas Shopping Streets by Chiltech

When I’m not MOCing, one of my favourite Lego related things to do is to scroll through Lego Ideas.  Lego Ideas allows FOL’s to submit their ideas for new sets – the public can support their favourite ones, and once a project receives 10,000 it will go forward for review by the Lego Review Board […]

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