Market Place

Probably my absolute, most favorite Lego set ever has to be #10193 – Medieval Market Village. I’ve reworked it to become Market Place – the ‘Old Part’ of my town and its cultural quarter. The blacksmiths is now a restaurant, the pub is still a pub and I’ve included #10199 Winter Village Toy Shop (which I’ve tried to […]

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Lego MOC -Pizzeria

Lego Pizzaria Open

I’m totally obsessed with having fully enclosed buildings in my layout so I was chuffed when the Pizzeria from #7641 – City Corner ended up in a tub of second hand Lego I bought – giving me the perfect opportunity to fully enclose the Pizzeria from my set without having to spend too much on […]

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2017 Lego Creator Sets – the Buildings 

Pics via Hoth Bricks I always look forward to the Creator Buildings (like last years Corner Deli, or Bike Shop & Cafe from 2014). They’re proper ‘grown up’ buildings to add to my town layout, and the price generally isn’t too scary. But Hoth Bricks has just posted some pictures of what we can expect Creator-wise […]

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10255 – Assembly Square

Boy was I looking forward to this announcement!  Lego have released details of the set to celebrate 10 years of their Modular Buildings – Assembly Square!  And it doesn’t dissapoint!   Three buildings, absolutely jam packed with details!  I’ll leave it to this press release from Lego to explain further!  Celebrate ten years of Modular […]

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Knowing when it’s time to stop

Image of Lego MOC Pump House Wexford Wildfowl Reserve

The North Slob – one of my favourite places (and what a great name!).  Now a bird sanctuary (in fact it’s official name is Wexford Wildfowl Reserve), it’s an area of land which has been reclaimed from the sea. This is the Pump House, built back in the mid 19th century to aid the drainage […]

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Lego Ideas – August Pick

Lego Ideas Shopping Streets by Chiltech

When I’m not MOCing, one of my favourite Lego related things to do is to scroll through Lego Ideas.  Lego Ideas allows FOL’s to submit their ideas for new sets – the public can support their favourite ones, and once a project receives 10,000 it will go forward for review by the Lego Review Board […]

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